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  • Cinema, dança, videodança : entre-linguagens 

    Unknown author
    Centuries after the dualism body-mind and the supremacy of the reason on the sensitive thing, the cultural practices show up a reincrease in value of experience, body and, consequently, dance, in a context of overproduction ...
  • Infinita beleza: o sétimo sentido: a linguagem do corpo e a inteligência dos sentidos na performance da dança afro 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 01 jan. 2010
    This work explores the performance of Afro-brazilian dance, especially of Orixá dance within this profane context, underlining at the same time the sacred trait of the performance as well as its origins in the sacred world ...
  • A intencionalidade na dança 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 01 jan. 2008
    This research aims at a phenomenological analysis in dance and investigates through its own essence its configuration as a phenomenon, thus establishing it as a being in the world. It refers immediately back to the ...