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  • Cinema, dança, videodança : entre-linguagens 

    Unknown author
    Centuries after the dualism body-mind and the supremacy of the reason on the sensitive thing, the cultural practices show up a reincrease in value of experience, body and, consequently, dance, in a context of overproduction ...
  • A dança espetáculo : uma análise semiótica 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 26 abr. 2010
    The thesis provides theoretical basis for dance-show semiotics. First, the presence of the body in semiotics is discussed, in addition to the importance of sensitive body creating synesthesias in dance. Then, aesthetic ...
  • A intencionalidade na dança 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 01 jan. 2008
    This research aims at a phenomenological analysis in dance and investigates through its own essence its configuration as a phenomenon, thus establishing it as a being in the world. It refers immediately back to the ...