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  • Os EUA em cena : liberdade como construto no teatro político de Tony Kushner 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 01 jan. 2013
    The aim of this dissertation is to examine how the idea of freedom, imbedded in the US imaginary, is represented in three of Tony Kushner s plays. The plays to be analyzed are: A Bright Room Called Day, Hydriotaphia or t ...
  • Hélio Oiticica: arte como experiência participativa 

    Unknown author
    The present work intends to identify the main issues concerning the construction of Hélio Oiticica poetics, thus, developing these questions alongside an analysis of portions of his body of work, here considered as the ...
  • Liberdade criadora e hibridismo de Hélio Oiticica à Eduardo Kac 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 09 mar. 2010
    From the Bergson s creative freedom concept and the relationship between art and life, the objective of this work is go to the hibridism action ( the constructive movement of mixing artistic languagens from the beginings ...