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  • O doce & o amargo do Secos & Molhados : poesia, estética e política na música popular brasileira 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 29 mar. 2007
    This work has the prime objective to analyze the artistic impact provoked by the musical group Secos & Molhados, which original line-up (Gerson Conrad, João Ricardo and Ney Matogrosso) existed between 1971 and 1974. To ...
  • Entre Carlos de Oliveira e João Cabral de Melo Neto Errar a paisagem 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 29 fev. 2012
    The search of landscape elements in the writings of Carlos de Oliveira and João Cabral de Melo Neto. By juxtaposition and critical contamination, to confront items such as voice and memory. Along the way, on the one hand, ...
  • O inventário poético de Paulo Leminski 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 07 abr. 2009
    This work aims at analysing Paulo Leminski s writing procedures (1944-1989), recognizing the hybridism as the axis of his proposal. This choice is based on the plurality of concepts arrays of art and language, genres and ...
  • O modernismo singular de Sosígenes Costa 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 11 abr. 2007
    The objective of this study is to make better known the work of the poet Sosígenes Costa, in the hopes of expanding the research available on the diversity of his poetry. This research is based on the assumption that the ...
  • No intinerário poético de bandeira 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 01 jan. 2013
  • Palavra e imagem : paisagens disparadas em Armando Freitas Filho 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 29 set. 2006
    The purpose of this work is to critically reflect upon the relationship between the brazilian poetical speech and the several values activated by the image in contemporaneity, so to problemize the question of representation. ...
  • Verso-reverso em João Cabral do Melo Neto : Museu de tudo e depois 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 27 mar. 2007
    Verso-reverso em João Cabral de Melo Neto Museu de tudo e depois discuss the question of depersonalization of the writing in the brazilian poet s work, focusing Museu de tudo, book the author defines as a new experience ...