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  • Eduardo white e Fernando pessoa: no olhar, uma metáfora da existência 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 04 jul. 2012
    This thesis proposes an analysis on the viewing as a metaphor for the existence according to Eduardo White and Fernando Pessoa as well as on the relationship that both writers establish with the landscapes which are rebuilt ...
  • O poeta que poderia ter sido: António Franco Alexandre 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 01 jan. 2013
    This is an essay about the António Franco Alexandre s poetry. The reading proposed here is focused on his work Aracne (2004) and has as its analysis axis the idea of metamorphosis. Articulating this notion to creative ...
  • Ruy Belo: um corpo que se escreve com a paisagem 

    Unknown author | Posted on: 02 abr. 2012
    Study of the poetic work of Ruy Belo in order to analyze relationships between time, body, landscape and subjectivity. Reflection about tension, never solved, between division and belonging of the subject to the landscape, ...