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Title: Voz sobre IP : fatores críticos de sucesso e análise de risco para provedores de serviços em telecomunicações
Other Titles: Voice over IP: critical success factors and risk analysis for telecommunication service providers
Keywords: Gestão empresarial;  Análise de risco;  Tecnologia da informação;  Administração de risco;  Setor de Telecomunicações;  Voz sobre IP;  Voz sobre internet (VoIP);  Fatores críticos de sucesso;  Gerenciamento de riscos;  Critical factors of success;  Risk analysis;  Management nformation technology;  Voice over IP (VoIP)
Issue Date: 16-Aug-2007
Abstract: With the constant technological innovation in the last years, the technology industry presents each time new solutions, to attend all the diverse demands of the market. With the appearance of IP (Internet Protocol) networks, it brings with itself the idea of convergence of services, and therefore, the transport of voice and data in only one media is an essential factor for cost reductions and creation of bigger possibilities of new services. This new technology generates an increased uncertainty of the business, in form that the development of new solutions can t take care of the ever-renewing requirements of the market or it doesn t attend this requirements profitably. Recently in the financial area, mainly in the decade of 90, diverse methodologies of risk control and management surged, with the main objective to prevent financial breakings, and to provide the market with more trustworthy information regarding the activities and investments of the companies. The rationality in application of venture capital is a basic factor in the success of companies in the market, mainly when the focus of the investment is the technological innovation.
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