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Title: Fatores críticos de sucesso para start-up de projetos offshore de desenvolvimento de sistemas em multinacional instalada no Brasil
Other Titles: Critical success factors for software offshore development by multinational corporations located on Brazil
Keywords: Offshore;  Condições de trabalho;  Sistemas de informação gerencial;  Tecnologia da informação;  Engenharia de software;  Software;  Fatores críticos de sucesso;  Projetos offshore de sistemas de informação;  GSO;  Critical success factors;  Projects offshore of information systems;  GSO
Issue Date: 8-Aug-2007
Abstract: Due to globalization, the economic environment is becoming more competitive each day. The competitive differentials gotten by any organization in relation to its competitors are temporary in this changing environment, where the companies search a market position before their competitors. Each time more the information technology assumes an important role in enterprise strategies. Due to this, it´s critical to develop and customize information systems faster, cheaper and with quality to meet the information needs demanded by the organization. With the telecommunications advance and the high cost of developed countries professionals contracting, the importance of information technology services from developing countries has grown gradually, being called GSO (Global Offshore Software). But project software development is by itself a complex activity, which in the offshore case, has its complexity increased due the cultural, procedural and technological differences between the contracting organization country and the contracted organization country. In this context, this work has the objective to identify critical success factors for project offshore start-up in Brazil. This study is based on Porter (1986) prognostics raised in the product identification phase and studies about GSO done by Richard Heeks (1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002). The Critical Sucess Factors deduced from the Porter´s prognostics and Heeks for the introduction phase were been submitted for validation from development system project team members. After the analysis of the data collected in the field research, it was possible to conclude which are the Critical Sucess Factos for start-up of projects of development offshore systems in Brazil. Such factors, as well as the conclusions gotten in this work, supply to subsidies the project management technique matureness of development offshore systems.
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