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Title: Estratégia de contratação de energia elétrica em leilões regulados:aplicação de um modelo de simulação e otimização
Other Titles: The estrategy of purchasement of energy in auctions
Keywords: Energia elétrica;  Distribuição;  Comercialização;  Concessão;  Logística empresarial;  Setor elétrico;  Modelo do setor elétrico;  Comercialização de energia elétrica;  Contratação de energia;  Leilões de energia elétrica;  Simulação;  Otimização;  Model of the electric energy sector in Brazil;  Commercialization of electric energy in Brazil;  Act of contract of energy;  Auctions of energy;  Simulation;  Optimization
Issue Date: 25-Jan-2007
Abstract: In the Nineties, the Brazilian government changed the model of the energy sector, in order to make this sector more competitive and efficient. However in 2001 there was rationing of energy. Consequently, the Brazilian government realized that the energy sector should be adjust urgently to provide more security to all society and to expand of the energy sector. The main change introduced was the duty imposed to the energy distributor company to contract 100% of its demands of energy. In addition, the government has forbidden the free negotiation between energy distributor company and Generators Companies. Therefore, most of all purchase of energy must occur in auctions regulated by the Brazilian government. This work presents a model of optimization and simulation for purchasing energy, a tool for defining the optimum quantity of energy to be acquired by the energy distributor Ampla Energia e Serviços S.A. in the main auction occurred in December 2004. Besides, the present work analysis the performance of the model, comparing its results with the real data of purchasing of energy by Ampla in the auctions occurred in 2005 and 2006.
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