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Title: Mecanismo do Kernel para o controle de tráfego e variação da taxa fim a fim - E2E
Other Titles: Kernel mechanism for to end traffic control and rate variations - e2e
Keywords: telecomunicações;  mecanismo e2e;  controle de fluxo;  protocolos de transporte;  taxa de transmissão;  rede de comunicação de computadores;  protocolo de comunicação de redes;  telecomunications;  mechanism e2e;  flow control;  transport protocols;  sending rates;  Network Kernel Programming;  rate based
Abstract: The majority of end-to-end traffic shaping mechanism developed for data communications allows only static configurations and cannot be used to dynamically follow network conditions. The focus of this work is to dynamically shape end-to-end traffic, to create flows that stay within the available path bandwidth and have regular spacing between packets, through end-to-end bandwidth measurements. The result of this work is e2e mechanism. It allows any flow, such as UDP or TCP, to be rate based controlled depending of bandwidth estimated. It also helps investigating what would be the transport protocol behavior if it were rate-based
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