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Title: Cultura popular em movimento : diálogos possíveis
Keywords: Formação de professores;  Fracasso escolar;  Avaliação educacional;  Relações dialógicas;  Alteridade
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2006
Abstract: The research and the text, which of it results, bring the reflections weaved with the different persons in their everyday practices in a certain school universe: the CIEP Compositor Donga. Research with the everyday life, research-praxis, which transforms the persons and the lived, and, at the same time, the persons and the lived transform it. In my way in search of the indications of the production of the school failure, I ve found a net of power and relations with the other ones which form the school culture of this particular school. I reflect on dialogues, practices and silences which form the real curriculum (Sacristán), the practised curriculum (Ferraço) and make us think about how the social relations weaved inside the school draw, for far beyond the declared curriculum, the written one, that is, the document curriculum, other multiple and complex curriculums present in the formation of the school culture. They are voices that cross each other, question each other, fight each other and reinvent each other. They are practices that dispute, negotiate, establish spaces, break borders. We ve tried to capture momentarily, fragments of this movement, and in them we search for clues, always believing in the possibility of also producing, as subjects of History that we are, a history of success and inclusion. These reflections are weaved from the weaved dialogue between the subjects of the research, the friends from the university, and the authors: Pablo Freire, Homi Bhabha, Michel Foucault, Edgar Morin, Michel Certeau, Bakthin among others. Authors who contribute for us to read the multiple texts that cross our practices and speeches, producing our actions and contradictions. I ve tried to reflect from this school space on how the school failure is being built (this is another of my beliefs) and perceived inside the school. How I ve lived it, at certain moments I ve fought it, and in others I ve helped to construct it. How the other persons have lived, have felt and have moved in this space. How in this way in search of the failure, I ve found the success, sprouting, being born where it was less waited The relations between culture, relation with the other ones, and power, impose themselves to the research and assume the helm, demanding that the narrative of the events lived be revisited in its inside out, searching the past and the present, times that weave each other, in search of indications on our logics and practices which create the culture in movement.
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