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Title: A construção das identidades de adolescentes em conflito com a lei na adversidade: representações sociais da marginalidade
Keywords: Representações sociais;  Crianças;  Assistencia;  Adolescentes;  Conflito;  Lei;  Instituíção social
Abstract: This present thesis consists on a qualitative research which the objective is the investigation about the social representations of teenagers in conflict with the law. It uses as theoretical and methodological reference the Social Representations Theory. At the beginning, it discusses the history and the policy of service to teenagers in conflict with the law, going through the discussion of the social context it is situated, because intends not to disconnect the social and the individuals analysis. Starting from material sources collected on the press (newspapers from Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian weekly magazines), discusses the social representations of the teenagers in conflict with the law as shown on media. On bringing the speeches of twenty-two teenagers interviewed in two institutions (Centro de Recursos Integrados de Atendimento ao Menor and Instituto Girassol Nova Friburgo Rio de Janeiro) arouses and debates the social representations of those young people about their courses of life and themes related to: entrance and exit of the crime world, families, schools, fascination for the crime and future perspectives.
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