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Title: O lugar da linguagem no ensino de história : entre a oralidade e a escrita
Keywords: Letramento;  História;  Ensino fundamental;  Estudo;  Educação superior;  Formação permanente;  Atividades de ensino;  Educação à distância;  Educação especial;  Educação pré-escolar;  Educação fundamental;  Ensino;  Professores;  Formação;  Ensino de História, Interação verbal;  letramento escolar, Economia do ensino;  Formação de professores;  History teaching;  Verbal interaction;  Scholl literacy;  Teaching economics;  Teacher´s formation
Abstract: The present thesis focuses on investigating the role played by language on the teaching of History to students of primary and secondary schools. My investigation aims at analyzing the connections between language and comprehension in the teaching of the History content. In order to achieve this goal, I did research in five classes belonging to two different schools, one private and the other one public, located in one city of Rio de Janeiro. On the public school the teaching of history had undergone a clear deterioration. On the private one, on the other hand, it was possible to find concern for the quality of the teaching with an influence of the humanistic approach. The first objective of this research, while comparing these two distinct school realities, was to analyze the effects of the learning of literacy under different circumstances. The second objective was to find out the importance of this conditions and circumstances in the learning of History. Taking on an ethnographic approach, this thesis analyses the verbal interactions in the classrooms according to Mikhail Bakhtin's proposals. This research concludes that there is a complex array of conditions concerning the teaching of history and its relationship with language, both written and spoken. Surrounded by difficult conditions, language itself can get undermined. As a result, both curiosity and comprehension of History can be impaired preventing teachers and students from profting from the subject.
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