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Title: Um visualizador para navegação através de cenários tridimensionais baseado em malhas adaptativas
Other Titles: An adaptively refined mesh-based visualization too for navigation through three-dimensional scenes
Keywords: Computação gráfica;  Modelagem computacional;  Métodos numéricos;  Curva de Hilbert modificada;  Curvas de preenchimento do espaço;  Visualização científica
Abstract: This work introduces a visualization too for navigation through tridimensional scenarios. The mesh employed for renderization of the images is adaptive and its ordering is based in a modification of the Hilbert space-filling curve. It is a Volume Visualization system which aims at information extraction related to problems defined in tridimensional domains. The tool discussed here in is simple and shall be applicable to several fields such as engineering, medicine. Bio engineering, geology and meteorology. The advantage of this adaptive strategy is, mainly, the reduction of the number of points necessary to get a precise interpretation of the phenomenon in study. The generated images little refined where the data easily interpreted and more refined as, for example, in a region where it will have an brusque variation of temperature. The visualization tool was developed in C++ and uses the OpenGL e FLTK interfaces, allowing its use in the GNU/Linux, Windows and other operational systems.
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