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Title: Um estudo de caso para verificar a suscetibilidade a incentivos de avaliadores de produtos na web
Keywords: Ciência da computação;  Inteligência artificial;  Sistemas de recomendação;  Incentivos;  Comércio eletrônico;  Reputação;  World Wide Web;  Web;  Trust
Issue Date: 17-Nov-2005
Abstract: The use of Recommender Systems (RS) has become common in several e-commerce websites. Collaborative Filtering is one of the most popular RS techniques. It infers an user's predilections based on similarity with other users. However, to work correctly, the RS depends on the evaluator's participation with truly opinions. The HYRIWYG mechanism proposes an incentive model to motivate users to contribute with a high number of opinions and, more important, trying to guarantee the truthfulness of the information. In this paper, we present HYRIWYG mechanism and discuss it using an empirical study in the movie evaluation domain. The results highlight the great potential benefits of using this kind of incentive mechanism.
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