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Title: (Re)Invenção da escola pública : sexualidade e formação da jovem professora
Keywords: Educação;  Formação de professores;  Escola pública;  Sexualidade;  Educação sexual;  Juventude;  Subjetividade;  Redes de conhecimento;  Saber;  Poder
Abstract: The objective is to investigate the relationships among the young teacher's sexuality and the autonomy that she exercises in the learning process and the school teaching. Following the guidelines of the genealogical investigations of Foucault, as well as the relative references to the memory / narration taught by Benjamin, I undertook a trip to the field not very acquaintance of Eros and of Logos in its relationship with the education, as one from the positions in that emotions, cognitions and images are intertwined, fundamental to the a subjectyoung teacher's construction in its desires and hopes in its educational practice. To understand the mechanisms that forged / they forge the processes of responsible subjectivity for the these young women's educational construction and the way as such devices penetrate in the ambit of the educational work in the public school, trying to watch some of the with the, of the reasons and of the places where discontinuances and ruptures are marked in relation to the discursive and nodiscursive practices, capable of deconstructing a history of lineal formation in that the hybrid ones are left to margin of the society, the challenge of this thesis is constituted. The analysis of the narrations facilitated me to identify the sexuality as well as the formation and the educational exercise, of the which that doesn't separate, as territories of disputes and political replies, that they have been white constant of strategies of reduction of the desires, of control of the minds and of the students' bodies and teachers.
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