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Title: Experimentos com formulações de programação inteira para o problema do permutation flowshop
Other Titles: Experiments with integer programming formulations for the permutation flowshop
Keywords: Engenharia de produção;  Programação inteira;  Escalonamento de tarefas;  Regra de Branch;  Formulações;  Integer programming;  Permutation flowshop;  Scheduling;  Branch rule;  formulations
Issue Date: 10-Mar-2008
Abstract: The Permutation Flowshop problem is one of the most well-known problems in the field of scheduling and has been intensely explored since the 1950s. The present work brings two contributions for the study of this problem in the context of integer programming. The first is an experimental evaluation of the effect of some branch rules (inspired in Potts rule proposed in the 1980s) in the performance of a branch-and-bound algorithm over the classic Wilson s formulation. The second contribution is the analysis of a new formulation whose linear relaxation yields better lower bounds than the Wilson s formulation does.
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