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Title: Impacto da implantação das diretrizes do acordo de basiléia II nas instituições financeiras - caso BNDES
Other Titles: The impact of implementing basel accord II settlements in the financial institutions - BNDES case
Keywords: Engenharia de Produção;  Administração de risco;  Gestão de risco (Economia);  Mercado financeiro;  BNDES;  Financiamento;  Regulação;  Supervisão;  Divulgação;  Brasil;  Risk;  Supervision;  Disclosure;  Regulation
Issue Date: 10-Mar-2008
Abstract: The management and control of risks is a important factor for the success and sustainable growth of financial institutions and companies globally. The study and application of management risk models has been the focus of financial market research, mainly in the last two decades, under the guidelines established in Basel, and is one of the great challenges to be overcome in the world of finances. Inserted in this great challenge, the BNDES is adjusting to the guidelines of Basel II, as provided by Bacen. The aim of this research is to is to examine the process of adequacy of guidelines of the Basel II in the BNDES, directed to two of its major lines of Financing (Finem and Finame, which represent, historically, more than 50% of total disbursements of the institution) through exploratory research conducted with the technical team responsible for the areas Lines Financing object of the search, as well as the area of Risk Management of the BNDES. The results indicate that the institution is working to fit the guidelines of Basel II, as provided for in the legislation in the country. Finally, it was possible to conclude the impacts of the Basel II Guidelines on BNDES, both internal, as in terms of placing on the market.
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