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Title: Ecoturismo, sua prática, seu espaço
Keywords: Geografia;  Ecoturismo;  Turismo;  Aspectos ambientais;  Sustentabilidade;  Ordenamento territorial;  Ordenamento ambiental;  Tourism;  Ecotourism;  Sustainability
Abstract: The present work search to analyze the possible contribution of the environmental question and the sustainability for the ecotourism practices development. The ecotourism, how a tourism segment, is considerate the activity able to conciliate the conservation of the natural and the cultural patrimony with the sustainable use of them. This work consist in a study divided in two parts: the first one referring to the tourism and ecotourism; and the second one worried about to situate them in front of the questions that serve of the legitimated base for his activities. Besides, the tourism end ecotourism practice in Brazil is described here to show the official propositions that are responsible to direct and regulated this activities. The conclusion discuss about the distance that exists between the propositions (the ideal) and the practices (the real) in the ecotourism activities implementation, searching to show the potentialities of this activity.
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