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Title: A polêmica da vida nas páginas do jornal: a Folha de S. Paulo e a manipulação de embriões para obtenção de células-tronco
Keywords: Comunicação social;  Célula-tronco embrionária;  Manipulação da vida;  Embrião humano;  Pesquisa;  Aspecto moral e ético;  Jornalismo;  Aspecto social;  Comunicação de massa;  Opinião pública;  Jornalismo científico;  Folha de São Paulo (Jornal);  Biotecnologia;  Agendamento;  Construção social da realidade;  Enquadramento;  Lei de biossegurança;  Legislação;  Brasil;  Journalism;  Framing;  Agenda-setting;  Social construction of reality;  Life s manipulation;  Biotecnology;  Law of biosecurity
Abstract: This paper is based on the news coverage of Folha de São Paulo on embryonic stem cells research, legal in Brazil since 2005 (Law 11.105). This subject has been discussed in Folha since 1997, when the cloning of a sheep, Dolly, transformed genetics experiments. The effect of this kind of research in the whole world put it on the news coverage agenda. Such a controversial topic and its consequences on human life, as conceived until then, suggest new ways of thinking on life and death and on the political, economical and moral principles that deal with life manipulation. Two main ideas are considered in this paper. The first one is based on a technical assumption and shows possible interventions on human health. It considers that embryonic stem cells may lead, in the future, to the cure of chronic and degenerative diseases, something not possible at this moment, or increase life expectancy and well-being of those patients suffering from these diseases. The second idea proposes an ethical discussion on the use of blastocyst, the embryos status when stem cells are taken. The theoretical and methodological approach for the news coverage uses the framing analysis, and its relationship with social construction of reality and agenda-setting, two important perspectives issues for communications studies. With this approach, it will be possible to study how Folha de São Paulo deals with the debate about researches and legal procedures of the controversial Law Project on Biosecurity.
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