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Title: Análise do mercado de previdência privada como fomento ao mercado de capitais brasileiro
Other Titles: Private retirement fund market analysis as a way to galvanize the brazilian capital market
Keywords: Engenharia de produção;  Previdência privada;  Poupança interna;  Fundo de pensão;  Mercado de capital;  Social security;  Internal saving;  Pension funds;  Capital markets
Issue Date: 3-Jan-2008
Abstract: With the growth of the Brazilian private providence, and the consequence growth of the internal saving of the country, the great investors will search new forms of investments. In this present work our objective is to evaluate as the Brazilian private providence can stimulate the economic development of the country and, consequently, the growth of the Capital Markets, through analyses of the involved concepts in the subject and comparisons of international scope to demonstrate the interrelation between Private Providence and Capital Markets. This study it is based on the analysis of the Brazilian Social Security system, which shows to the growth and importance of the private providence in Brazil due the current conjuncture of official the social welfare and in the analysis of the Brazilian Capital Markets, its importance and solidification for a developing country, as much for the great investors how much for the credit market.
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