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Title: O ensino da arte e a formação de sujeitos
Keywords: Educação;  Arte na educação;  Estudo da arte;  Ensino da arte;  Art;  Experience;  Education
Abstract: This thesis aims to analyze the context of arts teaching based on a pedagogic praxis and in the perspective of an esthetic experience capable of transforming the thought, sight and sensibility. The study followed three students from a public school in Rio de Janeiro city, who also take part in a social project called Tear de Histórias , developed in the Instituto de Arte Tear. It also included the following of their visual arts teachers in both learning spaces and made an effort to identify in their speech, artistic and, sometimes, literary production the subjectivity produced in that context. As methodological tools were used the observation of the arts classes in the Instituto de Arte Tear and the record of audio and video semi-structured interviews with students and teachers in order to get the expressiveness in their speech and gestures. This thesis is based on concepts such as experience, language, arts, education and thought development, as described by W. Benjamin, L.S. Vygotsky, M. Bakhtin and J. Larrosa. During the speech transcription, it was tried to identify the dialogism, polyphony, polysemy and alterity, among other Bakhtinian concepts, which could allow us recognize the possible transformations achieved or realized through the educational process under study in their discourse.
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