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Title: Dimensões formativas em confronto na prática de ensino escolar:uma investigação de percursos de licenciandos das Ciências Biológicas
Keywords: Educação;  Ciências biológicas;  Biologia;  Formação de professor;  Licenciatura;  Prática de ensino;  Disciplina escolar;  Brasil
Issue Date: 7-Jul-2008
Abstract: The current study analyses the curricular component Practice of Teaching in the initial teacher education of Biological Science teachres with specific focus on the steps essential to the process of becoming teachers. This focus accompanies the idea of the significance of the school as a place of productive conflicts, capable of generating situations of formation that articulates specific dimensions and pedagogical ones, the practice and the theory, the university and the school. The study draws on theoretical perspectives from ´Teacher´s knowledge` and the field of Curriculum the Scholarly Knowledge and the history of the school subject. In dialogue with such perspectives, it presents an analysis of the curricular component Practice of Teaching in two Teacher Education´s courses that of the Universidade Federal do Rio do Janeiro (the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and of the Faculdade de Formação de Professores da Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro (Faculty for the Formation of Professors of the State University of Rio de Janeiro) using as sources reports written by the licentiate students of the referred courses and oral testimonies from the teachers, obtained by way of semi-structured interviews. For the production of the empirical data, the approach in this study dialogues with specifics of biological knowledge produced in the scholarly context, and its relation to teacher´s knowledge, incorporating methodological references of the Qualitative Research and History of Curriculum. In connection with the processes of elaboration of the professional knowledge during this period of formation, the study defends the proposal that curricular dimensions that value the interface between school and university whilst in the pre-professional period, generate the creation of a fertile ground from which the professional knowledge subsequently evolves. The reflections with respect to relations between the teachers formation and the production of knowledge focuses, further yet, on particularities that biological knowledge assumes in the school context, conceived as a product of the conflicts between different curricular finalities inherent in the Biology as a school subject. In this sense, the work explores disciplinary aspects of the teacher s education on the understanding that, at the same time in which teachers can be considered as agents that construct the school subjects, they also act as forces that influence their own professional formation in its peculiarities. Beyond that, the study also calls attention to the necessity for a closeness between the fields of curriculum and teacher education , defending the belief that they jointly constitute approaches capable of contributing to the advancement as much as in debates that reduce the formative process to the domain of the specific referential knowledge, as of those that identify the teaching practices as simple reproduction of knowledge produced in external instances within the school.
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