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Title: Uma leitura do plano estratégico de Juiz de Fora - MG
Keywords: Geografia;  Ordenamento territorial;  Planejamento estratégico;  Cidade;  Empresa;  Crescimento urbano;  Desenvolvimento urbano;  Brasil;  Strategic planning;  Business;  City;  Urban development
Issue Date: 15-Dec-2008
Abstract: Since the late 1980 s, the adoption of Strategic Planning has been legitimated by the speech of competitive insertion of cities in global economy. Having begun in the USA and then extended throughout Europe and Latin America, the process of incorporating planning and managerial practices, formerly restricted to corporate environment, indicates a tendency to urban management. In an attempt to boost local economy and consolidate its role as inserting it in the global market, the city government of Juiz de Fora (MG) elaborated its Strategic Planning upon 1997. The mains objectives of the Plan are the rising of Juiz de Fora to new reference standards in various areas (heath care, education, commerce, services, culture, leisure, quality of life, technology, internal changeability and accessibility, among others.), its consolidation as regional center and its development focused on urban balance, public property and environmental respect. In order to achieve such objectives, the Pan points out to this model being desired, feasible and consensual - which would be fundamental to its success. This work aims at analyzing the expectations of the Plan by local citizens. So, in order to find out the degree of adhesion, opposition or awareness of the Strategic Plan after a decade of its implementation, interviews were carried out with community leaders.
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