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Title: Patrimônio e educação : desafios para o processo de ensino- aprendizagem
Keywords: Educação;  Linguagem;  Subjetividade;  Cultura;  Produção de conhecimento;  Processos educativos;  Processos culturais;  Ensino;  Aprendizagem;  Patrimônio cultural;  Education;  Patrimony;  Culture;  Process of teaching-learning
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2009
Abstract: This work has the objective to discuss the complexity of the conception of patrimony, mainly in its relations with education and the process of teaching-learning at school. The theoretical contributions of Jeudy and Vygotsky collaborate respectively, to elucidate the open of the conception of patrimony, as well as the relevancy of thinking about the culture of the social contexts as an important element for the process of teaching-learning. In order to search the conceptions of patrimony that are present in the context of school, it has been utilized the analysis of principal documents of the school planning, as well as specific documents of the school, beyond the happening of a focal group with teachers of primary school in a school of Duque de Caxias city. By means of the explained methodological procedures, this research could verify conceptions of culture and patrimony, in which the idea of culture adjust, in general, to its most traditional meaning, and to work with patrimony at this school means extra classes and classes for students to go out school with the goal of acquiring culture and educating students, valuing mainly the historical and artistical monuments and touristic points of Rio de Janeiro city. The dialog accomplished by this work between Jeudy's and Vygotsky's discussion about patrimony and culture and the questions brought by the analysis of documents and the reports of teachers of Duque de Caxias school, can contribute for the expansion of its potential with the processes of teaching-learning.
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