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Title: Desenvolvimento experimental de uma nova técnica para a medição da turbulência atmosférica, em enlaces ópticos horizontais no espaço livre
Other Titles: Experimental development of a new technique to measure atmospherie turbulence in horizontal optical links
Keywords: Turbulência atmosférica;  Free Space Optics (FSO);  Divagação do feixe;  Cintilação;  Alargamento do feixe;  sistema de rastreamento;  Atmospheric turbulence;  Free space optics;  Beam wander;  Scintillation;  Beam spread;  Tracking system
Issue Date: 27-Mar-2009
Abstract: The light when is propagating thorough the atmosphere suffers the influence of the medium and his constitution. The atmospheric turbulence that happens between the transmitter and the receiver of a free space optics system can deteriorate the signal and consequently the communication. The gaseous composition, the presence of aerosols, rain, fog and changes in the refractive index leads to effects as scintillation, spread and wanders of the beam. Then, the atmospheric turbulence of the medium can limit the link distance of FSO system or slow the data rate. In this work, will be present free space optic concepts, the atmospheric turbulence (beam wander, scintillation and beam spread), scattering and absorption. Furthermore, a new technique to measure atmospheric turbulence will be proposed, tested and validated. The technique uses the beam wander effect to define the refractive index structure constant (C2n). The idea is to make a device capable to monitor the signal quality for a free space optics system link.
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