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Title: Do movimento operário para a universidade: León Trotsky e os estudos sobre o populismo brasileiro
Keywords: Populismo;  Brasil;  Trotski, Leão, 1879-1940;  Trotskismo;  Intelectuais de esquerda;  Bonapartismo
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2008
Abstract: The issue of this dissertation is the relation we believe there is between the trotskyst thought and significant amount of the brazilian intelectualism which, during the 60's and 70's, has stood out because of many works endoed with crictical perspective on "dualistic" and "stagist" interpretations concerning the national social-historical reality. Therefore, we proposed ourselves to discuss how a few ideas of russian revolutionary León Trotsky, as well as some of the thesis produced by trotskyan brazilian political groups during 1930-1964, are well recognized in academic works by authors like Florestan Fernandes, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Rui Mauro Marini e Francisco de Oliveira. More specifically, we broach the proximity there is between Trotsky's elaboration about sui generis bonapartists regimes that have emerged in Latin America after 1930, the resolutions of the Partido Operário Revolucionário (POR) about 1945-1964 brazilian political regime (especially the second Vargas government) and the works concerning brazilian populism by Octavio Ianni e Francisco Weffort.
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