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Title: Desenvolvimento de uma metodologia usando a termogravimetria para avaliação da retenção de CO2 em substrato sólido
Other Titles: Development of a methodology using the termogravimetria for evaluation of the Co2 retention in solid substratum
Keywords: Retenção de CO2;  Absorção de gases em fase sólida;  Leito fluidizado;  Análise térmica. Reações gás-sólido;  CO2 retention;  Gas absorption;  Fluidized bed;  Thermal analysis;  Gas-solid reaction;  Termogravimetria;  Hidróxido de cálcio;  Química analítica inorgânica
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2005
Abstract: The main objective of this work was to promote a methodology to evaluate gas retention in a solid substrate. The applied technique to this study was thermal analysis, which is based on thermogravimetric simultaneous measures (TG) and differential exploratory calorimetry (DSC) that shaved itself to be on adequate technique to monitor the reaction monitoring. Commercial calcium hydroxide, synthesized hydroxides, and CO2 were used in the evaluating of this work. The capture capacity of CO2 in Ca(OH)2 was used as a reference index. The carbonatization experiment was realized under experimental different conditions, especially varying the heating rate and mass of substrate. The size of the particles of the evaluated hydroxides was an important parameter, due to the influence on the efficiency of the reaction with CO2. X-Ray Diffraction (DRX) and Electronic Microscopy were used to a better explore the substrate microstructure. The results of this study showed the proposed methodology was adequate. Through TG-DSC, it was possible to work with small quantities of sample (milligrams) and control the reaction time using a pre-determined rate heating. Date of energy related to the formation of the product generated in the reaction between the substrate and CO2 had been also gotten. Finally the thermogravimetric also generated dates that had allowed calculating kinetic parameters in isothermal and dynamic way, with acceptable agreement between itself.
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