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Title: Métodos numéricos de ajuste para modelos de potenciais de longa distância em moléculas diatômicas
Other Titles: Numerical methods of adjustment for models of potentials of long distance in diatomics molecules
Keywords: Moléculas diatômicas;  Métodos núméricos;  Potenciais de longa distância;  Física molecular;  Diatomics molecules;  Numerical methods;  Potentials of long distance
Issue Date: 27-May-2004
Abstract: Long-range potential models for alcali diatomic molecules were analysed and compared with experimental data. The fitting methods used here were the Levenberg-Marquardt and the generalized simulated annealing(GSA). The best model to explain the experimental values was the one which had strong physical arguments. The method of generalized simulated annealing was shown to be a better fitting method than the Levenber-Marquardt s one for the cases analysed.
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