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Title: Conferências dos direitos da criança e do adolescente no Estado do RIo de Janeiro : caminhos da participação popular na construção da política de atendimento
Keywords: Direitos das crianças;  Política social;  Política Pública;  Assistência a menores;  Conferências;  Brasil;  Rio de Janeiro (RJ);  Public Politics;  Conferences;  Rights
Abstract: In the perspective of the importance of the popular participation in the construction of the Public Politics for the Rights of Child and Adolescent, mainly in that if it relates to the magnifying of public spaces to change the scene of the lack of the tradition in Social Control in Brazil, this work intended to carry through a research on the Conferences of Rights of the Child and the Adolescent in the State of Rio de Janeiro, with the objective of demonstrating that the conferences have constituted public spaces for mobilizing and joining the most diverse segments of the society, fortifying the System of Guarantee of Rights of the Childhood and the Adolescence, created by the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent, contributing for the attendance of those Rights, therefore in the accomplishment of conferences is estimated that the responsibilities of the Promotion, Defense and Control spheres of the Rights can be verified every two years mobilizing the biggest possible number of involved actors.
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