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Title: Modelo de análise de risco aplicado a estudos de viabilidade para construção e incorporação de prédios residenciais
Keywords: Edificações;  Construções - Gerenciamento;  Análise de risco
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2001
Publisher: Universidade Federal Fluminense
Abstract: The main purpose of this present essay is to reap profits from risk analysis techniques of incorporation of immovable enterprises and buildings structures. To utilize those techniques we aim, above all, to make possible to the undertake during the process of decision, to appraise the risks of the undertaking adventure and make the most assured decisions resulting from this, the optimism of profits. Initially was made a bibliographic investigation to identify the risk analysis techniques that exists in the present literature and characterizes the enterprise we now examine. After the bibliographic investigation, a field research in fourteen constructing companies in Rio de Janeiro took place through questions and interviews with the purpose of comparison of the research theory and the methodology practiced by the constructing companies in risk analysis of this type of enterprise, with the obtained results presented e commented.Based upon the bibliographic revision and field research, propositions of directives of a model of risk analysis construction are presented, to be used by enterprises building construction in a study of similar undertake viability to the subject of this present study.And finally, with the purpose of a better understanding of this theme a proposed directives, a practical application is presented through a case study.
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