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Title: O pensamento gramatical de Manuel Pacheco da Silva Júnior
Keywords: Silva Júnior, Manuel Pacheco da, 1842-1899;  Manuel Pacheco da Silva Júnior;  Língua portuguesa;  Brasil;  Gramática;  Lingüística;  Estudos Lingüísticos;  Historiografia da lingua
Issue Date: 8-Mar-2007
Abstract: Manuel Pacheco da Silva Júnior, a Brazilian grammarian of 19th century, performed an important role in the linguistic studies panorama of the time. Like Julio Ribeiro, Maximino Maciel e Ernesto Carneiro Pereira, he lived the first moments of the scientific period of Brazilian grammar, when historical comparativism was being implanted here. The purpose of this work is to analyze the language studies accomplished by Pacheco Silva Júnior in order to scribe a synthesis of the descriptive model he applied to phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics and etymology. The selected works are Grammatica Historica da Lingua Portugueza (1878), Phonologia (1877), Noções de Semantica (1903), Grammatica da Lingua Portugueza (1903) this one as co-author with Lameira Andrade. The present study is part of the research line Linguistic Description of the Post-Graduation Program of the Arts Institute of the Federal Fluminense University, and it follows the principles of Linguistics Historiography, specially the ones defended by Konrad Koerner, Pierre Swiggers and Sylvain Auroux. It is intended, thus, to contribute to the historiography of the linguistic science practiced in the 19th century, which was an important period for this area, though still barely explored.
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