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Title: Medida das curvaturas do grão em metais
Keywords: Metalurgia física;  Crescimento de grão;  Metalografia;  Aço interstitial-free
Abstract: The grain of any material is formed by a group of atoms which have the same orientation. A set of grains compose the metal structure. The material mechanical properties are directly related to its microstructure, being influenced by the grain size. The mean intercept length, l the grain boundary area per unit of volume, Sv; the mean grain boundary curvature, mean edge curvature, and the mean grain curvature, are metallographic measurements made in a planar section of the material which describes very well this microstructure. At this paper metallographic techniques to perform the described above measurements are applied on: Al-1wt%Mn, steel interstitial free, Niobium-low alloyed steel, electric steel of non-oriented grains and pure iron specimen in order to describe the influence of the grain curvature on grain growth. The resulting experimental data is compared with existing geometric models.
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