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Title: A (con)formação dos trabalhadores no Governo Lula sob o signo do mercado
Keywords: Educação e Estado;  Educação de adultos;  Trabalhador;  Educação;  Educação de jovens e adultos;  Parceria público/privado;  Polítcas públicas;  Governo Lula;  Empresários na educação;  Brasil
Issue Date: 27-Feb-2007
Abstract: The present study has the objective of analyzing government Lula's education politics critically, particularly expressed in the projects: Program School of Factory, Programs National of Incentive to the First Job, Program of Integration of the Professional Education to the Medium Teaching for Youths and Adults and National Program of Inclusion of Youths, which mention more directly to the relationships between work and education. The study leaned on in the bibliographical revision and in the documental exam, to lecture on her the structural crisis of the capital, as form of placing the relationship historically between the models of accumulation of the capital and the Brazilian education politics. As for this last one, the period was delimited understood among the years of 1990 up to 2006, revisiting, this way, Fernando Collor de Mello governments, Itamar Franco, Fernando Henrique Cardoso and, finally, of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The analysis revealed that the foregoing programs, destined to the workers' education - or of the youth, according to the official nomenclature, stepped on in the optics imediatista of the market, on the pretext of, through partnerships with deprived companies and/or international institutions, to qualify the workers, in a smaller possible time, for the job market, under the apologetic mantle of the citizenship, they offer to the workers, still plus, a fragmented education, denying them the necessary knowledge to break with the metal chains of the capitalism. The study allows to conclude that a disregard there was been by the education politics returned for the worker's full formation, on the part of each government of the referred time, it is in the workers'" president's "government that this aggravation becomes still more visible, being this produced by the good welcome of the government Lula to the neo liberal politics.
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