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Title: O ato do professor na intenção de criar novos sentidos sociais
Keywords: Professores;  Formação;  Educação;  Filosofia;  Formação de professores;  Ensino fundamental;  Dialogismo;  Teacher formation;  Middle school;  dialogism
Abstract: Analyzing the speech of the middle school teachers (1st-4th grade) in a public school from the city of Niterói, it has been aimed to identify how those speeches enunciate the social senses that are directly connected to their performance. The field research happened in the period when the teachers were on strike (2005). It was developed in the social reality conception, being theoretically based upon Bakhtin, Gramsci and upon the analysis of the speech. During the research, it has been identified, in the confluence of teachers speech, the pedagogic speech from the classrooms as being the first sense of their performance. The construction process of other speeches is made difficult by the non perspective of surpassing of life and education conditions. In this analysis it is shown the production of silent speeches, but also the dialogism, in the construction of objectives that are the same for the teaching staff. The enunciations reveal the ambivalence of the teacher, between potency and impotence, beside the difficulty faced by the social complexity that is reflected in the scholar quotidian. This complexity challenges the teachers to create new speeches and partnerships with the community where the school belongs, to construct new social senses.
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