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Title: Nos desencontros e fronteiras : os trabalhadores sociais das favelas do município do Rio de Janeiro
Keywords: Trabalho social;  Campo;  Favelas;  Rio de Janeiro;  Trabalhadores sociais;  Processos de exclusão;  Movimentos populares;  Educador social;  Educador comunitário;  Movimento social urbano;  Social workers;  Field;  Slum;  Rio de Janeiro
Abstract: This study is focused on an experience of a social worker group who are slum ( favela ) residents that develop actions in their localities, or even in others, integrated to governmental or non-governmental programs and projects. The reflection happens by the comprehension of those workers field of action, conceived like a boundary area. In some way, this study achieves a historic approximation to underlying processes in the historic configuration, produced in a field of disagreement between the economic and social, a current effect in capitalist societies. And also recovers some fundamental elements of the boundary genesis, where the social workers and other mediators actuate. Those mediators come from public power, churches, NGOs, universities and many civilian society organizations. At last, this study analyses the working process of the social agents covered so far. It determines some of their characteristics and reflects about their experiences and working quotidian, their education processes and the legitimization of the social working field.
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