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Title: Uma leitura crítica das pesquisas sobre as mudanças nas condições capitalistas de produção e a educação do trabalhador
Keywords: Trabalhadores;  Educação;  Brasil;  Educação para o trabalho Trabalho;  Processos produtivos;  Teoria;  Método;  Mudança nos processos produtivos;  Educação do trabalhador;  Work and education;  change in the productive processes;  Theory and method
Abstract: This thesis has as objective to do a critical reading of the researches on the changes in the current production conditions and your consequences for the worker's education. For that, it analyzes the theoretical presuppositions of the studies about work and education that, of a Marxist perspective, investigate that thematic, tends in view the apprehension of your central problem. The thesis discusses, of the point of view of the Marxism, the employed man notion in those studies and it argues that your employment is related to the anthropological phase of Marx's studies, whose problem was seated in the theoretical humanism. In that sense, the central argument of the thesis is it that the use of that notion can cart problems of theoretical and methodological order for the analyses that treat of the relationship between work and education. The research was structured on three bases: a theoretical base that looks for to place the discussion; a historical base that looks for to place the formation context of the critical educational thought in Brazil; and an empiric base that looks for to do a discussion on the theoretical presuppositions of the relationship between work and education.
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