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Title: O articulista Florestan : ciência e política como base de uma pedagogia socialista
Keywords: Fernandes, Florestan 1920-1995;  Educação;  Aspecto histórico;  Educação;  Aspecto político;  História da Educação;  Ciências Sociais;  Pensamento Educacional;  Brasil;  Pedagogia Socialista;  Sociologia da Educação;  Intelectuais;  Marxismo;  Florestan Fernandes;  History of the Education;  Social Sciences;  Brazilian Education Thought;  Socialist Pedagogy
Abstract: This theory, starting from a historical-sociological investigation, analyzes the dimensions academic and militant of the work of the founder of the modern Brazilian sociology, aiming at to show that in their writings of newspapers accomplished during all his productive life they are elements that configure a vigorous "socialist pedagogy", with base in their more recognized vocations: scientific and politics. The importance of this work is in the capacity to turn comprehensible as ideas produced by intellectuals can change in critical knowledge and, like this, to engender social forces that they question the established phenomenon of high relevance in one moment in that the only function of the science seems to be, using words of own Florestan, the one of "considering the existent social order as the only possible". With that research, we still believed to collaborate for moving forward of the studies of History of the Education in Brazil, especially what concerns the intimate relationships that the education thought here produced maintained and it maintains with the social sciences.
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