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Title: Uso de redes mesh como solução para o canal de retorno da TV digital interativa
Keywords: televisão digital;  rede mesh;  inclusão digital;  comunicações digitais;  TV digital interativa;  canal de retorno;  protocolo de roteamento Ad-Hoc;  digital TV;  interactivity channel;  routing protocols for Ad Hoc networks;  digital inclusion.
Issue Date: 9-Oct-2007
Abstract: This dissertation proposes the use of wireless ad hoc networks as a solution for the interactivity channel of the Brazilian Digital TV System in geographical areas where no cabling infrastructure exists, e.g. underprivileged communities in big Brazilian cities. It analyzes the background information of this scenario as well as explores and compares some routing protocols for ad hoc networks through simulations with the Network Simulator software (NS-2).
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