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Title: Um algoritmo branch-and-bound distribuído para o Problema de Steiner em Grafos para execução em Grids
Other Titles: A distributed branch-and-bound algorithm for the Steiner Problem in Graphs to be run on computational Grids
Keywords: Algoritmo Branch-and-Bound distribuído;  Sistemas distribuídos;  Grids;  Problema de Steiner;  Computer science
Abstract: This work introduces a distributed branch-and-bound algorithm to be executed on computational Grids. Grids are often organized in a hierarchical fashion: clusters of processors connected via high-speed links, while the clusters themselves are geographically distant and connected through slower links. The algorithm does not employ the usual master-worker paradigm and it considers the hierarchical structure of Grids in its load balance and fault tolerance procedures. This algorithm was applied over an existing code for the Steiner Problem in graphs. Experiments on real Grid conditions have demonstrated its efficiency and scalability.
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