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Title: KA-CAPTCHA: uma oportunidade para aquisição de conhecimento na Web
Other Titles: KA-CAPTCHA: An Opportunity for Knowledge Acquisition on the Web
Keywords: Ciência da computação;  World wide web;  Web;  Aquisição de conhecimento;  Computer science
Abstract: Every Web user is a potential knowledge contributor, but it is a challenge to make them devote their time contributing to some purpose. In order to align individual with social interests, I will present an extension of the CAPTCHA Web resource protection application to embed knowledge elicitation within the users' main task of accessing a Web resource. Consequently, unlike previous knowledge acquisition approaches, no extra effort is expected from users since they are already willing to use a CAPTCHA to perform some particular task. We present two applications of this mechanism: one that collects image labels from Web users, where experimental results suggest the feasibility of this approach, and another that collects textual transcriptions to auditory media.
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