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Title: Pull : um novo modelo para o transporte de correio eletrônico
Keywords: Engenharia de telecomunicação;  Correio eletrônico;  Protocolo de comunicação;  SMTP;  HTTP;  MIME;  Transporte;  E-mail;  Transport
Abstract: Electronic mail is one of the most successful Internet applications. With it it is possible to send messages almost instantaneously and at a very low cost. These messages might be text-only or they can have attachments (videos, still images, spreadsheets, etc.). But some of its architectural characteristics combined with malicious use have created problems, which affect its usability and its future. This thesis presents a new model for sending electronic mail, which breaks the transfer in two parts: the e-mail header is sent using SMTP, but the body is kept in a new server, defined in this thesis, and can be downloaded via HTTP. This model has several advantages over the current model, the main advantage being the requirement of a server that has to be connected full time to the Internet to allow the recipients of e-mail to have access to it, which may inhibit spam.
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