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Title: Novas abordagens para o problema de recobrimento de rotas
Keywords: Ciência da computação;  Metaheurística GRASP;  Metaheurística VNS;  Regras de redução;  Algoritmo em grafos;  Metaheurística;  Heurística;  Problema de recobrimento de rotas generalizado;  Metaheurística híbrida;  Testes de redução
Abstract: The Covering Tour Problem is a job sequencing problem and it is defined on a graph G = (V U W; E), where W is a set of vertices that must be covered. The problem consists of determining a minimum length Hamiltonian cycle on a subset of V such that every vertex of W is within a distance a from at least one node in the cycle. Being a generalization of the Traveling Salesman Problem, this problem is NP-Hard. This work presents a new mathematical formulation based on flow variables, reduction rules for the associated graphs and original metaheuristic algorithms to solve a generalized version of Covering Tour Problem approximately.
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