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Title: Um sistema multiagente para o planejamento dinâmico de caminhos
Keywords: Ciência da computação;  Grafo;  Inteligência artificial;  VRML(Linguagem de programação de computador);  Sistemas multiagentes;  Algoritmo de Dijkstra;  FIPA-OS;  VRML;  Rota de fuga;  Multiagents systems;  Route planning;  Dijkstra s algorithm
Issue Date: 15-Mar-2007
Abstract: Escape route planning in emergency situations generates interest among researches in many different areas. Computer Science contributes to this quest with techniques to build simulations on this domain. A escape route can be regarded as a weighted graph where the labels associated with its edges are determined by the distance between two connected vertices. Hence, given a starting vertex, it is possible to obtain the minimum path to one of the known exits in the environment. Classical algorithms, such as Dijkstra's, can solve this problem. However, when the environment changes in real time, this class of algorithms is not efficient. Using Multiagent Systems to solve this problem dynamically seems to be a good approach to plan escape routes in real time, given new information about the environment. This research exposes this approach, implementing the agents in a tridimensional virtual environment.
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