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Title: Análise do planejamento estratégico e ações de mercado das empresas de petróleo face a abertura de mercado
Other Titles: Strategic planning and market actions of oil companies facing the opening of the market analysis
Keywords: Engenharia de produção;  Petróleo;  Abertura de mercado;  Estratégia;  Oil;  Open market;  Strategy
Issue Date: 14-Dec-2007
Abstract: In order to evaluate different theories about market and economic strategies in practice, the oil market has attracted much of schoolars. The business environment has suffered many and significant changes, challenging business organizations and attracting the focus of academic research. Since the market oil was open by the Law n° 9.478 of 1997, it become competitive and aggress ive, facing the possibility of potential entrants in the market add, therefore, division of market-share.This paper aims to examine these changes and their consequences. It approached separately the main three segments of the industry, Upstream, Mildstream and Downstream. After the Law n° 9.478, the major oil companies ret urned their attention to Brazil, as now they would not be restricted only to distribution, and may invest in verticalisation of their organizations. However, in the refining area, there hasn t been so far interest of those companies in run into this segment, in part as a consequence of the idleness in their refineries outside the country, but also because the market has been almost completely served by the refineries existent before the open market on national territory. On other way, about the distribution area, the entry of independent companies with local or regional expertise concetrated about 25% of sales. Because of this fact, majors showed interest in directing their investments to the upstream, reducing those would be intended for distribuition. The open oil market provided such investments revolution that not only the segment of oil has been reached, they enable development of the national industry supplier of materials, equipment, components and services for the growing expansion oil industry itself.
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