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Title: Serra dos Pilões-jagunços e tropeiros e mandinga: uma literatura de formação no Tocantins
Keywords: Letras;  Lima, Moura, 1950- Crítica e interpretação;  Póvoa, Liberato, 1944- Crítica e interpretação;  Regionalismo na literatura;  Regionalismo;  Globalização;  Identidade;  Pós-modernidade;  Tocantins (Estado);  Regionalism;  Globalization;  Contemporary
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2008
Abstract: This research has the purpose to discuss trough a comparative perspective, a representation of local particularities in Tocantins Literature in a particular moment that the predominant thought in critical literacy is the fact that the globalization and the pos modernism decree the extinction of regionalism differences. Due this fact we got as objects of analysis two novels from the initial stage of Literature in Tocantins: Serra dos Pilões-jagunços e Tropeiros written by Moura Lima & Mandinga and Liberato Pávoa. Throughout the features presented in the works evidence their join to the regionalism s thoughts, although the regionalism is a tendency which the origins are in the 19th century. In the first moment of this research we tried out to map its trajectory in Brazil with the purpose to show the several outbreaks of regionalists that characterized this tendency between us, besides to demonstrate that the regionalism is a phenomenon which rises and gets up to date due to the political, geographical, social and historical factors. Another fact used in this research is the novels worry with the popular culture which allow the regional literature to find a new and peculiar speech exposed in the mythology-and-folklore universes where the legends, the myths, believes, popular parties and specific region colors and features appears. We also discussed the usage of literary dialectical language of the region in an attempt to demonstrate that the writers while divert themselves from the literary standard languages they looked for selfautonomy as contemporary writers revealing that the popular expressions as well as the language with some writing mistakes, when they apposite the grammatical rules, they re attached a zero level of rule and it reflects the land language. In the last chapter of this study we emphasis the relation between the literature work with social and historical reality of region reinforcing as the writers worries in re-create throughout fiction, the social and political profile of region, helping significantly to delineate the perspective of insertion of Tocantins textual inside the Brazilian regional literature context. This research supposes that the regionalism is a permanent and lively tendency, resisting a globalization fashionable tendency which behind the disguise of no differences aims to eliminate the local peculiarities in an attempt to fake a global tendency which is the globalization reflection in the culture process.
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