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Title: Ocupação do território e impactos ambientais: o papel dos grandes projetos de eletrificação da Amazônia
Keywords: Geografia;  Território;  Ocupacional;  Desenvolvimento regional;  Impacto ambiental;  Amazônia;  Setor elétrico;  Ocupação
Abstract: The aim of this work is to understand the relation of occupation of the Amazonian territory from the implantation of Electric Sector projects, mainly the Transmission Lines, and the socials and environmental impacts generated by these enterprises . It was verified in this work that: the expansion of the energy generation system and therefore the expansion of the transmission nets of energy in Amazonia, aimed and aim to serve more the demands of the big capital, than the regional needs. Today, it can be observed that the planning still contemplates peripheric enterprises which has as main aim the exportation of energy to other country regions. The presence of the transmission systems in high tension is not always guarantee of giving attention to regional communities, which must be supplied by low tension systems. The implantation of these systems for many times works as a penetration vector of new occupation front and generates, in this way, bigger impacts to the region. The local populations take a long time to have their demands solved, it has to be noticed that the North region is one of the regions with the highest rates of demographic growth considering the last decade, which will represent for the near future an increase of the demand of low tension supplies, which so far has been solved, through the thermoelectric facilities or through alternative sources of electric energy generation.
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