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Title: A cidade e a ética do ter e do ser
Keywords: Geografia;  Ética;  Relações sociais;  Cidade;  Cidade (sociologia);  Brasil;  Pós-modernismo;  Políticas públicas urbanas;  Ética urbana;  Reformas urbanas;  Remodelizações urbanas;  Principais problemas das cidades atuais;  Ordenamento territorial;  Ordenamento ambiental;  Indiferença;  Ethics;  City;  Indifference;  Post-modernity
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2007
Abstract: Since the beginning of the modern period, deep transformations had occurred in the ways to understand, to think and to act in the world. The reason of the man was emphasized from now on. These alterations had been reflected in the agreement concerning the ethics, and, consequently, they had been transliterated in the space of the cities. New ethics one more time emerge in the last decades, getting excited the space of the cities. It is the new ethics of having in detriment of the being. The fashion, the consumption, the appearances, the efhemeral are stimulated. The proper cities had become products of consumption in a world-wide market of cities. This new ethics are reflected in the workmanships and the urban politics that, currently, they search to become attractive city, most beautiful, to the consumption and the investments, through the rebuilding workmanships. The great question is that the social inaqualities are not the focus of the urban politics, therefore tends if to extend, generating diverse problems in the space of the cities. Consequently, a generalized feeling of uncertainty, unreliability emerges, of chaos, so gifts in ours day-by-day of post-modernity. It does not have respect to the differences, therefore everything and all must follow the standard dictated for the media. The different ones are seen as strange and dangerous. The people in the city do not see themselves as equal, breaching it collective identity of the population and destroying the structures social. The respect to the other and the recognition of the differences would have to be the base for the prosperous acquaintanceship in the city. The indifference is a great mark of our time. It corrupts the cities, therefore it is expressed the apathy, the appearance, the lack of concern with the other. The indifference corrodes the ethical emotions and actions, when extending feelings as the egoism and the individualism. It became it main ethical question of the current cities.
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