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Title: Urbanização da baixada de Jacarepaguá, degradação dos corpos hídricos e saúde pública: os casos da hepatite A, da leptospirose e da equistossomose
Keywords: Geografia;  Urbanização;  Qualidade da água;  Saúde pública;  Degradação ambiental;  Ordenamento territorial ambiental;  Urbanization;  Water s quality;  Public health;  Environmental degradation
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2007
Abstract: This study analyzed the actual state from quality water s of principal rivers of Jacarepaguá s plain, and his relation between land s use of bank from canals, rivers and lagoons, and his corresponding subjects of public health. The spatial distribution of infectious-contagious diseases was verified, specifically Hepatitis A, Leptospirosis and Schistosomiasis caused for the increase of urbanization and shantytowns on the river s, canal s and lagoon s banks, with hers spatial distribution in each neighborhood and sub-basin. The developing of this research was assisted by techniques, how the claim from water quality data of pH and N-NH3, with field works and, the claim in office of disease data, both with subsequent mappings. Had watched in all Jacarepaguá s basin and, in the plain too, a straits association between the level access of water s and sewage s collection and treatment, and where occurs Hepatitis A, Leptospirosis and Schistosomiasis. In areas where there s water and sewage collection and treatment, the cases are significantly smaller than others. Therefore, was verified that urban expansion, intensification of water degradation on the rivers, canals and lagoons and diseases with contamination by degraded water are narrowly linked, in a relation by cause and effect and feedback too.
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