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Title: Contribuições da lógica de serviço e do modelo da competência para o programa de segurança, meio-ambiente e saúde (SMS) na indústria petrolífera offshore na Bacia de Campos
Other Titles: Competence model and service contributions to safety, environment and health program in offshore oil industry in Campos Basin
Keywords: Engenharia de produção;  Segurança do trabalho;  Indústria petrolífera;  Offshore;  Condição de trabalho;  Competência;  Relação de serviço;  Work;  Safety;  Offshore oil industry;  Competence;  Service relation
Issue Date: 23-Aug-2007
Abstract: This present work intends to bring some contributions to Competence Model and Service to Safety, Environment and Health Program in Offshore Oil Industry in Campos Basin, north region of Rio de Janeiro State. The Safety, Environment and Health Program presents a culture of prescription , based on principles as insecurity act and human error, situations that cause a restriction for initiative and mobilization of competence of the labors in the situations of work. These values of SEH Program don`t match the proposals of Competence and Service Model, that prioritize the return the work to the labors . Based on these concepts, some possible improves are proposed to SEH Program, in order to establish an approach with work activity. Related to methodology, this work counted on some analysis about principals and models of evaluations of SEH, in addition to the materials from the research group about Work, Health and Safety in Offshore Oil Industry in Campos Basin , that are being developed at UFF. As a conclusion, it would be view that thinking about SEH as a business share submits safety to economical-financial indexes and makes SEH an instrument to attend the necessity of certifications and international results.
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