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Title: Uma abordagem pragmática para análise e projeto de redes WAN
Keywords: Redes;  OPNET®;  MPLS;  Simulação e engenharia de tráfego;  Network;  OPNET®;  MPLS;  Simulator and Traffic Engineering
Issue Date: 4-Apr-2008
Abstract: The focus of this work is to present some characteristics of the transport solutions to WAN, as well as, the presentation of Multiprotocol Label Switching Architecture (MPLS) utilities that could be established to connect network and improve network performance. This is a case study about Energy Company. That will cover the network topology, scalability, quality of service and management. These issues will be tested, analyzed in OPNET® simulation platform. The main goal is to make improvements for this network and serve as reference to enterprise and ISP WAN network.
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